Post Processing

Review: Sleeklens – Wedding Lightroom preset

As far as I remember I never wrote anything about camera gear and post processing here, so it’s time to change this. For the first time, let’s talk about processing a bit.

Post processing has an important part in my workflow. Toning the images subtly to my taste and achiving the look I want is important. Colour me a “control freak”, but I like to keep the post processing in my hands and solely use my own presets and tools on my photos. That way I can get exactly what I want: natural, timeless look, beautiful colors and consistency.

A couple of months ago Sleeklens asked me to test their preset pack called Forever Thine Wedding Workflow. The package contains 112 Presets and 23 Brushes. I was curious to see what they can offer, so I spent some time testing their products. Here are my thoughts.

The Good:

– The pack is nicely organized, with PDF instructions and video help for the installation.

– It has tons of presets and several tools to help fine tuning the look. To mention a few, exposure, color correction, tone and tint.

Places for improvement:

– The presets affects the exposure, and set it back to zero every time I apply a new one. For me it is not convinient as most of the time I adjust my exposures a bit in post.

– Several presets touches the clarity slider. Although it make the images dreamy, they are too soft for my taste.

I have applied the presets to some recent shots. The left side is processed with my own preset, the right side with different Sleeklens presets:

The bottom line:

I’d suggest this preset pack to those who like stronger postprocessing. The added brush sets offer a big variety for local adjustments, and I think the package has the potential to create signature looks.

However, I would encourage everyone first to go, play, experiment and spend time in Lightroom. I believe that is the best way to figure out your own look, and to create the best preset what fits perfectly to your style.

Some useful links if you are interested in Sleeklens products: Wedding Lightroom presets – More Lightroom presets – Photo Editing Service

Stay tuned, amazing new weddings are coming to the blog soon!