About me

Hi, my name is Roland Polczer and I am a photographer.

In my “previous life” I was a succesful IT consultant. Although I enjoyed the challenges of that life, I always felt the urge to do something more meaningful, to create something what is more about feelings, what makes other people happier, what may have a positive impact on their life.

I picked up my first camera, when my oldest son, Zsombor was born. As most of the parents I just wanted to capture and save the most precious moments, to make long lasting memories of his childhood. I literally did not put down my camera ever since. Photography become a love, an addiction, and my camera is an extension of my body.

It is an amazing journey so far and I truly enjoy every moment of it. In case you’d like to know a bit more about me , click here to read a German interview with me where I talk a bit about my approach and my philosophy.

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// Roland