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Hochzeitsfotograf Ratingen

Every story has a beginning. This particular one started on a sunny September morning in Krefeld, exactly a year ago.View full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Paderborn

Dear Bräute und Bräutigame, das Jahr 2020 ist da, und ich habe noch ein Paar freie Samstage in meinemView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Detmold

Dear future Brides & Grooms, I wish you as much sunshine, as much fun and as much happiness as these two had onView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Salzburg

Shooting a wedding in the Alps? At one of my dream location? Please sign me up. Imagine my excitement when IView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Münster

Thank you 2017. It’s been a ride, and I am greatful to all the amazing couples who gave their trust and let meView full post »

Hochzeitsreportage Dortmund

Venue:  Gutshof Wellenbad Music: SoulmatesView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Osnabrück

Brace yourself, a long post is coming. Last year I had the pleasure to document Kim and Lasse’s wedding. TheyView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Geestland

Ceremony & Venue: Rittergut ValenbrookView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Dortmund

Ceremony: Evangelische St. Mariengemeinde Dortmund Venue: Alte Kaue – StolzenhoffView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Dortmund

The first full day wedding of the 2016 season was at my favorite venue in NRW. Gutshof Wellenbad offers the perfectView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Nottuln

This all started on a hot summer morning in Nottuln, and ended at the beautiful castle of Steverburg. While Dana hadView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Rheine

Venue and Ceremony: Kloster Bentlage, RheineView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Dortmund

Let me show you how Alice and Frank spent a Saturday in October with their friends and family. This was my firstView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt

Nicole and Thommy’s day was my first wedding in the Frankfurt area. I travelled there the day before, and thatView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Hamm

“If you want something in your life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something, you’ve neverView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Hanover

Janine and Stephan are one of the kindest couple I have ever met. Their day has reflected their personalityView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Essen

Barbara and Sebastian got married on the hottest day of this summer. The way the day unfolded was perfect. Every eventsView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Essen

What a busy world we live in. Days and weeks feel like minutes, and life runs through on us like a plasticView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Dortmund

I know Aleks and Klaas back from 2013 when we first met in Dortmund. Since then, I shoot their elopement in Norderney.View full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Düsseldorf

So many nice weddings are waiting on my computer I haven’t blogged yet, but the end of last year was so busy IView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Münster

Münster, July, 2014. These two rocks.View full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Velen

It’s been a while since I shot the day of Lena and Ulrich. Telling stories like this are so close to my heart. It isView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Velbert // Fine Art Wedding Album

This beautiful Fine Art Album has just arrived and I can’t wait to show it to the couple. All my Fine ArtView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Bremen

This year’s wedding season is almost over so I am spending a lot of time in the editing cave, processing all sortView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf NRW

This story has started about a year ago when I received a letter from Eva. She asked me to document her wedding,View full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Hamm

This summer felt like sitting on an express train, watching the landscape going by supersonic speed. But each SaturdayView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Bremen // Fine Art Wedding Album

I have just finished and sent out this beautiful Fine Art Album from a recent wedding in Bremen. It was printed in theView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Münster // Verena & Boris

This was one of the nicest day of the summer. Deep blue sky and sunshine all day long. Just like the weather, theView full post »

Wedding Cinematography NRW

This wedding I have teamed up with my super talented buddy, Tamas Olajos. He mainly works for advertising companies andView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Paderborn // Marcella & Marc

Marcella and Marc found me last year via a good friend of mine.  I shot their civil wedding last autumn, and this MayView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Münster // Sarah & Andy

It’s been a while since I shot Sarah and Andy’s wedding in Münster. Since then, I had weddings every week,View full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Osnabrück // Nadine & Uwe

Nadine and Uwe lives in Osnabrück. We first met last winter to discuss how their wedding will be. I knew that it willView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Osnabrück // Laura & Igor

It is hard to describe how it feels to be part of a couple’s most beautiful day. How it feels to see theView full post »

Booking for 2015 is now open

I was so busy in the last month that I had no time to publish anything on the blog. I shot amazing weddings inView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Duisburg // Jean & Chris

This story started with a call on a winter afternoon. Chris was on the line, and asked me about my availability. MyView full post »