Where do you work?

I work mainly in Nordrhein Westfalen and Niedersachsen, but I am happy to travel anywhere.

How would you define your style?

Beautiful lights and honest emotions, these are the essence of a good photo for me. My goal is to make long lasting meaningful memories for you. I believe that it is not necessary to put inapposite objects behind you just to make interesting photos: the most interesting photos for me are when I see how much you love each other.

How do you shoot a wedding?

I arrive early in the morning to join the preparations of the bride and start shooting reportage style photos. I hunt for the emotions. I go back and forth between the bride and the groom to capture every important moments. In the church I try to be invisible yet document what I see: a teardrop of the parents, a smile of the groomsman, the groom’s glance on the bride.

I keep shooting at congratulations and the coctail hour, and once we have time we go together to a nearby location to create the beautiful portrait photos. I pre-scout the locations and the lights before the wedding, and have a plan in my head what to do. We work as a team: I bring you to a nice place, and you let yourself enjoy the moment with the one you love.  I’ll be there to capture it. It will be super easy and stressless: you already used to my presense as I am the only one who accompany you from early in the morning, and I already took hundreds of photos of you. You will be happy to have a break and won’t worry about the camera at all.

Once we are back, I shoot reportage material and group photos, and keep shooting till the party heats up. At the end with my approach we will have a nice rounded story of your most important day, what helps you remember everything and relive the moment later.

How much time should we plan for the portrait session?

Ideally, I need about an hour for the portrait session. It might happen if I see some nice lights at the evening that I ask you out from the party for a 15 minute mini-session too.

What sort of equipment do you use?

Professional Canon camera bodies and L quality prime lenses.

How do you handle our images?

The safety of your images is a cruicial question and I take it very seriously. Once I arrived home, I immediately copy all photos to my Computer and to my Drobo (Network Attached Storage). Within an hour, an automatic process makes another copy to a second Drobo. This means that your images are stored on five different Hard Drives.

How many images should we expect and how do you deliver them?

My delivery contains 500 high resolution images on a nice Memory Stick.

How much time does it take to deliver the photos?

Within 4 weeks I deliver the online gallery and the slideshow. You will receive the Memory Stick in 5 weeks after the wedding.

Where do you work?

All around NRW and NI, but I am happy to travel anywhere.

Where did you learn wedding photography?

I’ve learnt it from world famous professionals, like Jonas PetersonRoberto ValenzuelaFer Juaristi, Ross Harvey and Jeff Newsom.

Do you also speak German?

Meine Deutsch Lehrerin sagt, ich kann alles sagen, was ich will, aber ich verstehe die Sprache besser, als ich es sprechen kann. 🙂

Tell me something about yourself.

I love Sigur Rós and Napoleon Dynamite. Quantum Physics and Buddhism are my favorite topics to read about. Teachers I appreciate the most are Thích Nhất Hạnh and Carl Sagan. I grow chilis in our garden and cook my very own superhot sauces. I am a huge fan of sauna and cold water. I’m am 44 years old . You can find more about me HERE.

Still curious? 

Please have a look at my Instagram, Facebook or MyWed profile.Wedding photographer Roland Polczer (Rheine, Germany) | MyWed