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Paar-fotografie Osnabrück // Ann-Gritt & Gerrit

Time runs so fast, winter felt like a blink of an eye. Warm coats are heading back to the cabinet, and my weddingView full post »

Paar-Fotografie Münster // Anna & Daniel

There is something magical when you meet someone for the first time, and almost immediately know that you are on theView full post »

Paar-Fotografie Essen // Jana & Marcel

On a chilly November afternoon I met Jana and Marcel to talk about their wedding and to take some photos. The sun wasView full post »

Paar-Fotografie Lünen // Eva & Daniel

Eva and Daniel are getting married this December. We met in Lünen to get to know each other and to talk about theirView full post »

Paar-Fotografie Schwerte // Julia & Patrik

Last weekend I was in Schwerte to shoot a beautiful young couple. Julia & Patrik is going to get married nextView full post »

Paarfoto: Selkis & Florian in Münster

Selkis and Florian, two classical musicians from Frankfurt. They both play in an Orchestra and going to marry inView full post »

Paar foto: Sophia & Dominic in Bielefeld

Back to Bielefeld. It’s about an hour driving from my home. I went there to shoot Sophia & Dominic. We walkedView full post »

Paar Foto: Fede & Luca in Lugano

Lugano, such a beautiful place, it’s like Italy without honking cars. I had the pleasure to take some photos inView full post »

Paar Foto: Melanie & Christian in Bielefeld

I love Bielefeld, the city and its surrounding are so nice, there are plenty of locations for a photo shooting. ForView full post »

Paar Foto: Larissa & Daniel in Rheine

Larissa & Daniel, such a cool couple from Rheine. It was a lot of fun to shoot them in a lazy Sunday afternoon.View full post »

Paar Foto: Elena & Alex in Osnabrück

Elena und Alex, ein wundervolles Paar, das ich in Osnabrück fotografieren durfte. Sie sind jung, fröhlich und voll mitView full post »

Paar Foto: Kim & Lasse in Rheine

Vor einigen Wochen habe ich mich mit Kim & Lasse in Rheine getroffen. Lasse arbeitet in Bremen und Kim lebt inView full post »

Paar foto: Ana & Max in Münster

Hatte ich schon gesagt, dass ich den Frühling sehnsüchtig erwartet habe? Nun…endlich kann man sie sehen, dieView full post »

Paar foto: Kim & Lasse in Rheine (Preview)

I have spent a cloudy but nice Sunday morning with this beautiful couple from Rheine. Kim & Lasse, it was aView full post »

Paar foto: Ana & Max in Münster (Preview)

We had a great time today with Ana & Max in Münster. More photos coming soon.View full post »

Paar Foto: Nina & Nico in Münster

Nina und Nico sind ein sehr lebendiges und inspirierendes Paar. An einem sonnigen Vormittag gingen wir spazieren undView full post »

Paar foto: Rendez-vous au Lieblings café, Osnabrück

Ein nettes Paar, vertrauliche Augenblicke, heißer Capuccino an einem kalten winterlichen Tag.View full post »