Hochzeitsfotograf Düsseldorf

So many nice weddings are waiting on my computer I haven’t blogged yet, but the end of last year was so busy I barely had time to take a breath. We have moved to a new house, and we spent most of our days in Ikea looking for new furniture, also we had to look for new school and kindergarten for the kids. Not to mention that I rejoined the German course, and decided to work harder this year on my language.

Fortunately things are getting calmer now, and I can focus on the blog and meeting with new clients for this summer.

The events below happened exactly half a year ago, in Monheim am Rhein, what is an amazing little town south to Düsseldorf. As the weather was quite changeful, the couple had decided to take their portraits in an after wedding session, what we had on the next day.

The day started at the Standesamt with sunshine, and ended at the Raphael’s Restaurant with friends and family, celebrating the love of Natalie and Fabian.