Hochzeitsfotograf Essen // Eva & Daniel

Where to start this? Early September I received a letter from Eva. She was looking for a photographer for her upcoming wedding. She was very excited when she found out that I am free. I was excited too because it turned out that her sister is going to get married next summer, and they wanted me to shoot both weddings. Being part of a wedding and see how a family celebrates is something special, but doing it twice is a really unique opportunity.

But let’s get back to Eva and Daniel. As this was a winter wedding, we prepared for the rain. We prepared for the snow. But not for Xaver. The huge hurricane came about 36 hours before their wedding. I was a bit worried, as I have no experience whatsoever shooting a wedding in the middle of a hurricane (as you can imagine), but we were lucky. It came and went so fast, all we saw was the fallen branches around the trees.

One last obstacle. Eva prepared in Bottrop. Daniel prepared in Schwerte. The wedding was in Lühnen, the dinner in Essen, and I live in Tecklenburg. We had to figure out the perfect timings in order to capture all the important moments. So we did that. The rain just stopped at the best time of the day, the traffic jams were vanished around Essen, and suddenly all the small pieces were fit together. It was a perfect day.


Hair: Schnittstelle-Bottrop

Ceremony: Schloss Schwansbell, Lünen

Venue: Esszimmer, Essen