Hochzeitsfotograf Salzburg


Shooting a wedding in the Alps? At one of my dream location? Please sign me up.

Imagine my excitement when I received an email from Kim asking me to do that. Kim and Stefan lives in Sweden and planned their wedding in Austria, asked a Hungarian photographer who lives in Germany. That’s quite international, isn’t it?

So we organised a Skype video call to talk about their day. Half a year later I was on the road to Golling, feeling excited to document my first wedding abroad.

Day 1 – Arrival

Golling an der Salzach is a beautiful little town surrounded by amazing mountains. Kim and Stefan were waiting for me with big smiles and some delicious home made food. We took a walk around to discuss the plans for the next day, and I couldn’t help but brought a camera with me.

Stefan explained a local habit about friends and guns and early morning wake up shots and I told him no matter how early it is, I want to be there.

Day 2, 5am

So the next morning their friends came early, woke up the couple and all their neighbours with gunshots, felt like thunderstrucks echoed by the mountains. What a start for a wedding day.


Day 2, 9am

After a a nice breakfast we headed to the town to start the preparations. From this point let my photos tell the rest of their story.