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Ein Tag im Leben / Day in the Life Photoshoot

Als Vater von drei Jungen ist mein Lieblingsthema das Familienleben. Es ist hektisch, es ist unvorhersehbar und esView full post »

Thirty Six Moments of August

This year’s first attempt to enjoy the sea was sort of a failure with 14 degrees and constant rain in July. ThisView full post »

Thirty Six Moments of July

July was a month to remember. I photographed seven weddings all around Germany for amazing couples. My parents visitedView full post »

Familien Fotografie // Indian Summer II

Last autumn I had the chance to photograph my brothers with their kids. I already blogged about Aron and his princessView full post »

Familien Fotografie // Indian summer

Aron is my youngest brother. I always imagined him as a father of sons, as he used to do mannish things when we wereView full post »

Familie Fotografie Den Haag // Life is an Adventure

Monster is a small town south of Den Haag in the Netherlands. This was the 3rd year when we went there for a summerView full post »

Familie Fotografie Münster

Ich habe eine nette Familie in Havixbeck fotografiert. Die Jungen sind im Alter meiner Söhne, lebensfreudige, lustigeView full post »

Familie Fotografie Osnabrück // Hallo Frühling!

Der Frühling müsste kommen, damit man die Wintermäntel ablegen kann. Wir möchten endlich die sonnigen TageView full post »

Familie Fotografie Münster // Sina & Melissa

Zwei lässige Schwestern, Kaffee, Kuchen, Unterhaltung.View full post »