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Hochzeitsfotograf Osnabrück // Nadine & Uwe

Nadine and Uwe lives in Osnabrück. We first met last winter to discuss how their wedding will be. I knew that it willView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Osnabrück // Laura & Igor

It is hard to describe how it feels to be part of a couple’s most beautiful day. How it feels to see theView full post »

Booking for 2015 is now open

I was so busy in the last month that I had no time to publish anything on the blog. I shot amazing weddings inView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Duisburg // Jean & Chris

This story started with a call on a winter afternoon. Chris was on the line, and asked me about my availability. MyView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf NRW Paderborn // Émilie & Alex

Earlier December I got a letter from Alex. He asked about my availability for his forthcoming wedding in Paderborn. HeView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Essen // Eva & Daniel

Where to start this? Early September I received a letter from Eva. She was looking for a photographer for her upcomingView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Paderborn // Marcella & Marc

The last couple of months were very busy, and I had no time for the blog, but this will change as the weather turnsView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Hagen // Tina & Marco

About a month ago I shot the beautiful wedding of Tina & Marco in Hagen. It felt so good to see how these two loveView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Münster // Selkis & Florian

It’s hard to describe in words what a beautiful day we had with Selkis & Florian. We already met earlier thisView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Dortmund // Fine Art Wedding Album

I’m very happy to introduce this amazing Fine Art Album in my produts. The images are printed on museum qualityView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Osnabrück // Magda & Jochen

Weddings are special. I love to see how the day unfolds. I love to see the excitement, the touching moments. I love toView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Osnabrück // Magda & Jochen (civil wedding)

I first met with Magda & Jochen on a cold winter day at the Liebeling Cafe to talk about their wedding. About 5View full post »

A Greater Story – Workshop with Jonas Peterson

Jonas Peterson is the rockstar of wedding photography. The American Photo Magazin named him as one of the top 10View full post »

Wedding Workshop with Roberto Valenzuela – Part 2

As I’ve promised yesterday, here are my photos from the workshop with Roberto Valenzuela. On the first day weView full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Münster // Adel & Johannes

Eine wundervolle Hochzeit, gutes Wetter und noch bessere Stimmung.View full post »

Hochzeitsfotograf Dortmund // Sina & Mark

Sonnenschein und Regen in Dortmund an einem Frühlingstag.View full post »