The VHS Portrait Project

There is a quote from Edgar D. Mitchell, the moon lander pilot of Apollo 14 mission, where he explains how he would grab politicans by their neck and take them to the Moon to show them, how small our world is, and how stupid the things we do against each other.

I left Hungary a decade ago, and spent time in different countries, where met and spoke with a lot of people. What I saw was not the differences, but the common things we share. It is so easy to realize, only curiosity and openness is needed for that.

In the last month I have finally accomplished the B1 level in German. Although there is a long way ahead till my language will be good enough, I am more than proud that I made the first steps towards that direction. While I was learning in the Volksochschule Ibbenbüren, Dr. Tobis Pischel, the leader of the school came up with the idea, to make a portrait project with the students. I couldn’t be happier when I heard his request. I have had a similar idea for a while, but I wasn’t sure how to accomplish it alone. Now he came and organized everything, all I had to do was to bring my gear and create the images.

These ladies and gentlemen come from all around the world. Porto Rico, Afghanistan, Uganda, Kazahstan or Vietnam. Countries, I have never been to, and perhaps I never will. We met for the first time, yet it was easy to connect.