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The VHS Portrait Project

There is a quote from Edgar D. Mitchell, the moon lander pilot of Apollo 14 mission, where he explains how he wouldView full post »

Portraitfotograf Münster

Michael is going to start his own blog about cakes, cookies and all sort of yummy and colorful sweets. We tookView full post »

Portrait-Fotografie Münster // 3 Girls – Reki

Reki is the last one in the 3 Girls series. She is red, she lives in Münster and she plays in a band called The CupcakeView full post »

Portrait-Fotografie Münster // 3 Girls – Jenna

Jenna is the second girl in my late summer mini-project. She lives close to Münster, she has blond hair and she likesView full post »

Portrait-Fotografie Ibbenbüren // 3 Girls – Franziska

3 Girls is a new project of mine. It features three different girls, at different locations with different lights. TheView full post »